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What is Personalysis?

Personalysis is a personality assessment that provides insights into how people communicate, make decisions, process information, and do their best work. It is a simple, 15-20-minute online questionnaire that generates a Personalysis Profile and ColorGraph, an at-a-glance graphical display of your unique personality. It provides a framework to help you better understand your natural strengths, learn to better relate to others who have different strengths, and increase your personal effectiveness on and off the job.

Discover how we can help you use Personalysis to help you and your team thrive! 

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One of the values of the Personalysis tool is that it provides insight into how a person learns, how they build trust and how they make decisions. You can utilize the tool to understand how to support a new employee so they learn your company, your culture, and systems quickly and efficiently.  Personalysis also allows you to identify the optimal person to be the new employee’s mentor and trainer based on a similar style of learning.  We also use this tool to help inform the hiring Manager on that new person’s communication style and how to best communicate with them.  If you have it narrowed down to 3 candidates, this can help identify who the best person would be to fit on your team.  

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Career Planning

The Personalysis tool can be used for an individual or for a company. Do you want to promote someone and want to understand how to support them in that transition? Do you have employees you are working with to develop a career path? With Personalysis, you can identify where the areas are to lean into their strengths or how they can tap into skills they don’t use every day.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Personalysis offers a gateway to diversity of thought, communication and decision style. Diversity is one thing and inclusion is one thing. We can help you build a team that has diverse decision-making skills and patterns. If you have diversity, it doesn’t count if you aren’t including the diversity. Truly understanding and building acceptance of, and awareness of, different communication styles, different decision-making styles and needs is developing an inclusive culture where all of those are able to participate and contribute. Personalysis identifies the differences so that you can build a culture that accepts those differences.

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Team Building

Teams also have “personality” dominant tendencies and default ways of thinking, communicating and taking action. Using each team member’s individual results, Personalysis generates a Team Profile and Colorgraph that reveals the natural dynamics of a team’s communication, areas of strengths, and challenges that might prevent the team from collaborating most effectively.

We can facilitate an interactive workshop where you will gain a better understanding of the Personalysis system, learn more about yourself, each other, and how to use this tool to become even more effective as a team.

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NWCFO offers coaching packages for clients. We have coaching certifications including transformational, individual and career coaching. We utilize Personalysis and a brief 360 feedback process as a basis for building self-awareness and self-development.

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Improved Communications Skills

Personalysis can be a tool to support you in your personal growth, improve communication and collaboration, identify and promote natural strengths and create a language for making decisions and resolving conflicts.