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NWCFO has the expertise in financial insight and planning. Let us guide you in developing long-term goals for your business and the strategic path to the peak of your success.

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Outsourced or Fractional Finance or Treasury Executive

NWCFO’s experienced CFO’s and controllers create financial insight on a full time or fractional basis without the need for a full-time employee.

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Strategic Planning

NWCFO helps you develop and execute a strategic plan which will identify the long-term goals for your business and lay out the roadmap to achieve them.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

NWCFO has considerable experience in preparing a firm for sale, and evaluating a company for acquisition, and negotiating and executing a transaction that meets your needs and goals.

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Financial Budget & Planning

NWCFO can help with your financial planning, building models and training your staff for budgeting, financial modeling and presentations to management, lenders, and investors.

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Exit strategies

NWCFO will develop the exit strategy or plan that outlines the framework on how you will sell, transition, or exit your business.

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Debt or Investment Raises

The two principal financing choices are equity and debt financing. NWCFO will provide expert advice and execution on the avenues that are right for your business.

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Banking, Lending & Investment Relationships

NWCFO can help you develop strong ties with a financial institution and strengthen investor relationships to obtain capital, to grow your business, or to help your company during financial challenges.

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Cash Flow Planning / Forecasting

NWCFO has the expertise to help with your cash flow planning and forecasting which is critical to keeping your business staffed and operating.


Determine the need for a new credit line or financing revolver.

Analysis of options for financing capital projects or investment in potential growth areas.

Audit and examination of current financial relationships and fee structures in relation to business growth 

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Compass Small

We have an extensive network of banking and lending relationships with local, regional and national banking institutions and private investment groups. 

Compass Small

We present your financial information and business plans to attract investment to meet your needs and grow your business through optimized financing.  

Compass Small

We offer accountability, responsibility, integrity and professionalism; your business partner in the journey to find the right financial relationships. 

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