Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or Selling a Business Requires Detailed Financial Records

While an acquisition is when a company takes over another and assumes ownership, mergers are when two businesses join together and become a new entity. Buying and selling businesses are very involved transactions that require guidance. We have considerable experience in preparing a firm for sale and evaluating a company for acquisition.


  • Identify best method for the company’s needs: merger, acquisition, public process, private strategic outreach.  Assist in identifying strategic partners and potential acquirers or targets to acquire.
  • Review and recommend options such as an asset purchase or stock transaction.
  • Negotiation of related contracts and agreements.
  • Whether acquiring or selling, having clean financial statements, well documented forecasts and organized due diligence documents will put your company in a position for the best outcome.
  • Employee and benefits issues can be a significant and sensitive consideration in mergers and acquisitions and must be handled carefully.


  • We can assist with the considerable amount of due diligence required with mergers and acquisitions to identify both the assets and liabilities.
  • For sellers we can help prepare the financial statements in accordance with accepted accounting principles, or we can assist the buyers in evaluating the acquisition agreement.
  • Our team can provide guidance on the structure of the deal and assist in negotiations.
  • We have a strong business network and can provide professional service referrals.
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