Team Collaboration Packages

At NWCFO, we are Certified Practitioners of Personalysis—a personality assessment that provides insights into how people communicate, make decisions, process information and do their best work. In addition to individual Personalysis profile reviews, we facilitate interactive workshops that empower teams to develop trust, honor diversity and inclusion, resolve conflict, accelerate collaboration and make better decisions together, making a direct impact on the overall team performance.


  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Cohesion
  • Communication
  • Motivation


  • Custom team packages include individual Personalysis profile reviews, one or multiple group training sessions, practical application homework, and individual coaching sessions following the training
  • The first team training provides an overview of the Personalysis system, a review of the team profile and understanding how personal styles impact performance, communication and decision-making
  • Additional sessions help participants learn how to use Personalysis to improve communication, build relationships with others and solve business problems
  • Individual coaching sessions support team members in applying new collaboration tools and insights, and working through any personal challenges
  • For groups of 4-15 participants
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