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Let NWCFO look out for your human resource needs. Regardless of your size, HR plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of your organization. A contract fractional director or HR support allows you to supplement your team with the services you need to manage your workforce, benefits and payroll, and follow changing labor laws.

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Outsourced or Fractional HR Director

NWCFO gives you the experience of an HR professional, without the fixed overhead.

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Team Building

NWCFO helps with this proven step in facilitating trust, collaboration, and communication among your staff, all of which make a direct impact on the overall effectiveness of the team.

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Executive Coaching

NWCFO provides executive coaching, a personalized method of career development that empowers your staff to accomplish more.

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NWCFO helps you engage in candid conversations about professional struggles to determine the new skills, behaviors, and attitudes needed to unlock the full potential of every employee.

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Conflict Resolution

NWCFO helps your business turn disagreement into an opportunity to facilitate discussion, innovation, and creativity.

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Compensation Plans

NWCFO helps you develop professional compensation plans that provide a total rewards package of salaries, wages, benefits, and incentives that fit your budget and your employees’ needs.

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Policy and Manual Reviews

NWCFO helps you complete routine updates of company policies and manuals to keep your staff properly informed of current legal employment practices.