Exit strategies

It’s Important to Identify Options for an End Game

Having an exit strategy or plan written out in advance outlines the framework on how you will sell, transition or close your business. It will provide you with control over the future of your business.


  • When starting a business, you’re not thinking about how you will leave it. Your exit strategy makes sure you, the business and any investors are safeguarded.
  • A strong exit strategy is especially important for any business seeking financing Investors and lenders want to know their money is secured and the business has contingency plans in place.  
  • A well-crafted exit strategy will best suit not only your business but also your personal goals, and maximize the return on your investment.
  • Having an exit plan leads to improved communication and well defined company goals.


  • We can assist you with developing and implementing a successful business exit strategy that meets your goals.
  • We can support your company in preparing for moving to publicly-held and traded.
  • Our work with you on the exit strategy may include: succession planning, leading a due diligence process, assisting in presentation of financial information, and analyzing sale documents and their financial impact.
  • We are experienced in working with both large and small businesses in preparing for exits through: mergers, acquisitions, closures, bankruptcies, ownership transition, family succession and going public.
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