Bio Julie Shiflett

Julie Shiflett

Founding Partner / Multi-faceted Finance Aficionado / Personalysis Guru and Coach
  • Out of office: Listening to any live music – especially outdoors. Anything outdoors – hiking, biking, fishing, camping, wine tasting, and Washington State University football!!
  • Fun Fact: A late-in-life passion for professional coaching, helping others achieve their potential in their career, relationships, and life. Quite different from my decision as a nine-year-old to become an accountant!
  • Expertise: My background is as a CFO and Administrative officer with responsibility for accounting, finance, human resources, purchasing, and information technology. Publicly held, family owned, venture capital backed, manufacturing, retail, agricultural, healthcare, the list goes on…. I have experienced the opportunity to be involved in many different company structures and industries and love the variety and the opportunity to bring best practices from many areas together to serve my clients In addition to all of my experience I have formal education including degrees in business, accounting, economics, technology management, and organizational development. I love project focused work including strategic planning, initial and subsequent public offerings, exit strategies, system implementations, establishing, documenting or establishing internal control structures, and much more that I am excited to share with your team. As part of my passion, I am also a Certified Personalysis Practitioner.
Bio Dusti Burmeister

Dusti Burmeister

Managing Partner / CFO / Controller and Analyst Extraordinaire
  • Out of office: I am a lake girl! I love every aspect of living on a lake where its quiet, beautiful and full of outdoor fun. In the summer we spend as much time as we can swimming, boating, playing on the beach and jumping off of the dock. In the winter we ski every weekend as a family – I guess you could say that being outdoors is definitely where I prefer to be!
  • Fun Facts: One summer in high school I worked as a carney and in college I worked at a very large hazardous waste (super fund) site where we would tie off to trees and dangle off hillsides to soil sample…lets just say that I was very happy to graduate from college with a degree in finance and start working in the “real” world after those jobs! Oh…and I also have a deaf bunny, which no one believes until they meet the sassy little critter.
  • Expertise: I have 25 years of experience in accounting and human resources. I have worked in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah and California (Silicon Valley) for various companies ranging from large public and private companies to small start ups. I’ve touched so many different industries I couldn’t name them all. When I left the Silicon Valley in 2007 I started my first contract job and I was hooked! I love digging into new clients, in different industries and filling different roles. My happy place (in my work life) is building budget and forecasting models. I can take on the role of CFO but dig into the weeds like a Controller and build models like a Financial Analyst. The diversity of being a contractor at NW CFO allows me to continually learn and grow which is what I like most about my job and I’m excited for each and every role I take on.
Bio Jaki Upton

Jaki Upton

Chief Technology Expert / Personalysis Professional / Go-To-Solve Accounting Issues
  • Out of Office: Learning about and applying all thing related to fitness, ranging across nutrition, meditation, Pilates, quality sleep, and long walks and hikes. Learning new arts and crafts of various types. Finding new things to do and explore with our grandson.
  • Fun Fact: When I moved to the R&D company, I was surprised to discover my interest in and talent at investigating new technologies. My job became like my hobby of putting puzzles together; I would go out and find hundreds of “puzzle” pieces (e.g., information on new research) and put together coherent, organized pictures of research landscapes that the researchers could use to develop new programs.
  • Expertise: I applied my business degree while working seven years at a major accounting firm before moving to work for 24 years at a major not-for-profit R&D company. While there, I earned a Technology Management MBA, which I applied to roles in technical program administration and management, financial operations, and competitive and business intelligence. In this last role, I assessed evolving technology areas for business opportunities, evaluated capabilities of potential collaborators and competitors, led scenario and strategic planning activities, managed technical society conferences, and managed projects. I am also a Certified Personalysis Practitioner.
Bio Steve Slate

Steve Slate

Systems & Processes Implementation Guru
  • Out of Office: Hiking, running, or anything that leads to a “runners high.” Thinking about what can be via science fiction books and movies. Volunteering to raise money for local library programs and to work on Habitat for Humanity projects. Learning about and experimenting with new technologies.
  • Fun Fact: Discovering through personality tests which work and outside activities really energize me, and then refocusing my career and hobbies to do the things that I really enjoy and am good at.
  • Expertise: I have over 45 years’ experience working for a major, not-for-profit R&D company. I spent ten years managing R&D projects, ten years overseeing R&D programs, ten years in enterprise-level strategic and business planning, and 15 years leading major process improvement projects. I started with degrees in mechanical engineering, and I have since developed broad and deep knowledge of R&D management, project management, financial processes, asset management processes, functional requirements for IT systems, export control, organizational design, strategic planning, and facility startups.
Bio Daurell Bell

Daurell Bell

Lead Tax & Accounting Connoisseur
  • Out of office:  Golfing -love it love it. Snow Skiing, love it, love it Water Skiing love it but sold the boat, Horse Rides through the Mountains, yes,
  • Fun Facts:  Summited Mt. Rainier with a group of 15 and 16-year-old boys just because, served on the Board of MAMA’s Hand in North Bend, WA, a home for battered women needing refusal and safety with their children, in charge of raising one year’s operating budget funds, for my mid-life crisis started a bank, Puget Sound Bank in Bellevue, recently sold to Heritage Bank
  • Expertise:  My background has been heavily in Tax and Accounting serving as head of tax at the AT&T subsidiary handling cellular operation with responsibility as for all tax and controller at times. One fact not many will know is that while at AT&T I wrote federal legislation that basically taxes all cell calls to your home address rather than let every jurisdiction you happen to roam in try to tax the same revenue over and over. I have the signed bill from the House and U.S. Senate on my whatever wall at home.  Also wrote a chapter in CCH book on Taxation of Telecom.  I was the CFO of the bank I formed.   My formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Accounting with a Tax Emphasis from Utah State University.
Bio Anya Chernyshova
Anya Chernyshova Logo

Anya Chernyshova

Business & Transformational Coach / Personalysis Ninja / Marketing & Content Strategist
  • Out of office: Traveling the world – I feel at home in the US and Europe, while New Zealand, Brazil, Japan and South Africa are all on my “hot” list of places to visit. Cooking, being in nature, playing the piano – indulging all of my five senses. Personal growth – I am a life-long learner and spiritual junkie.
  • Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Russia, and came to the US when I was 18 as a foreign exchange student. I went to school in Southern Utah and fell in love with the beautiful red rocks. Then I traveled to California for an internship that turned into a job… long story short, many years later I’m still here and loving it!
  • Expertise: Prior to launching my coaching  and consulting business, I spent 20+ years serving as a marketing executive at Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. Working for organizations of all shapes and sizes in life sciences and technology, I’ve had the opportunity to create value across B2B and B2C products in various marketing roles, as well as build entire functions and departments from scratch. In addition to earning undergraduate business degrees and an MBA, I am also a Certified Business Coach, Transformational Coach, and Personalysis Practitioner. My passion is helping business leaders thrive and multiply their impact by breaking through the blocks that hold them back and mastering key areas of leadership, productivity, creativity, marketing, and more. I’m excited to work with you and your team to support them in realizing their full potentials and being the best that they can be!