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Exit Strategies

Have you thought of what will happen when you are no longer the owner or chief executive of your business?

  • Have you decided how you want to exit the business?
  • Do you have a family member or employee who might succeed you?
  • Do you have a business succession plan? Has it been updated in the last two years?
  • Is the sale of the business to a competitor or supplier an option?
  • Do you have a sales price in mind but are not sure how to substantiate it?
  • Do you have your business records in order so a potential buyer could performance due diligence?
  • Could you benefit from the sale of a segment of your current business?
  • Have you decided if you want to pursue a stock deal or an asset sale?

We can assist you with developing and implementing a successful business exit strategy that meets your goals. This might include succession planning, leading a due diligence process, assisting in presentation of financial information to potential buyers or investors or analyzing sale documents and their financial impact. We are experienced in mergers, acquisitions, closures and bankruptcies of business large and small and we look forward to assisting you in meeting your personal exit goals.