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Accounting Policies, Procedures and Internal Controls

In a business, everything revolves around cash. And cash is one of the easiest assets for your employees to steal. Documentation of processes, policies and procedures that impact the control of your cash, assets and financial statements are vital to your internal control of the business.

  • Are your business procedures documented to ensure a smooth transition of duties when an employee leaves?
  • Do you have assurances that your Company has the necessary separation of duties to protect your cash?
  • Are your financial statements produced accurately the first time?
  • Do the departments within your company run efficiently?
  • Do you bill your customers timely for products or services?
  • Does your company have clear written instructions for all functions of the finance departments?
  • Are you in compliance with wage and hour laws?
  • Are your independent contractors really independent contractors?

If you answered "No" to any of the above questions, we can do a review of your internal controls, policies and procedures and deliver to you a well documented manual that can be used to improve your financial controls. Or we can direct your staff in preparing records of the internal processes and we can review these results for suggested improvements or identification of risk areas.