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Cash Forecasting

Cash is a lifeforce needed to sustain your company. How often do you worry about having enough cash? Are you comfortable with your knowledge of where your cash is going and when it is coming back?

  • Does your cash balance fluctuate significantly during the week?
  • Do you have high and low balance swings during the month? Or low cash balances during certain times of the year?
  • Do you ever manage cash by holding payables checks?
  • Do you sometimes have large amounts of excess cash that is not invested?
  • Have your receivables grown disproportionately to your sales?
  • Are your inventory turns lower than others in your industry?
  • Do you miss discounts on your vendor payments?
  • Do you have occasional large volumes of cash and no sweep account for overnight investments?
  • Are your credit card processing fees higher than you expected?
  • Are your vendor terms unreasonable? Do some of your terms lack volume discounts?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, we can do an analysis of your cash flow cycle to help you manage and forecast your cash balances and your financing needs. After analyzing your cash conversion cycle, we can help you develop a plan to improve your cash management. We can also deliver a cash forecasting model you can use on an ongoing basis and will alert you to potential shortfalls in advance of a cash crisis.