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Financial Budgeting & Planning

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, said "the budgeting process at most companies has to be the most ineffective practice in management. It sucks the energy, time, fun and big dreams out of an organization. It hides opportunity and stunts growth."

Financial planning includes budgeting, financial modeling and presentations to lenders and investors. The best financial plan can provide unlimited value if it is used for analysis and management of financial performance.

  • Does your Company adequately plan its cash flow?
  • Does your Company utilize flexible rolling budgets?
  • Is your Company's budget integrated with your accounting software rather than a stand alone model?
  • Are you analyzing variances between budget and actual amounts on a monthly basis?
  • Is your budget process timely and efficient?
  • Do you utilize what if scenarios when contemplating complex business decisions?
  • Can you determine the impact on cash, working capital and profits if the business grows or shrinks 15%, 20% 25% or 50%?
  • Do you know what the financial impact would be if you introduced a new product line?
  • Can you adequately communicate your plans and future needs to your financial institution or investors?

If you answered "No" to any of the above questions, we can assist you by reviewing and improving your existing forecasting model or delivering a new forecasting model. The model will be one that you can use on an on-going basis, is flexible to modifications as assumptions change and your staff can be trained to complete. Let us help put fun and usefulness into your financial planning and budgeting processes.