Recharging Your Instinctive Energy: A Guide to Nurturing Your Inner Self

Feeling overwhelmed? Energy tank on empty? Teamwork tensions rising? Family dynamics weighing heavy? Political climates casting shadows? It’s all too easy to find ourselves entrenched in the instinctive dimension of our lives, which is not so fun.

If you’re familiar with Personalysis, you’ll know your instinctive dimension, the bottom dimension, is your personal sanctuary for rejuvenation and recharging your batteries.  When reviewing your instinctive dimension, pay attention to those colors that have 3 points or more. These are your “colors’ in that dimension. 

When we have only one color in our bottom dimension it can be easy to understand what can energize us.

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But what if you have two colors? Here is a tailored guide to refilling your energy reserves, based on your unique color blend:

For the RedYellow Spirits: 
  • Spark spontaneity by engaging in impromptu activities with loved ones.
  • Dive into a quick, tactile project — maybe a little DIY in the garden or home.
  • Lift spirits (yours and others’) with a cheerful stroll to check in on friends or colleagues.
For the BlueGreen Thinkers:
  • Seek solace in your sanctuary, your private place, where solitude brings peace.
  • Engage with pets or children, basking in their uncomplicated happiness.
  • Cultivate hope and perspective by envisioning long-term solutions and dreams.
For the RedGreen Do-ers:
  • Carve out time for a sacred daily ritual or routine that’s all yours.
  • Assess life’s priorities, setting tangible steps to fulfill them.
  • Declutter and organize your spaces, clean out a closet, banishing chaos for clarity.
For the YellowBlue Reflectors:
  • Share and process your emotions by talking with a variety of people.
  • Embrace solitude to sharpen your self-awareness, whether through a gripping book, a mindful jog, meditation, or losing yourself in a film.
  • Unleash your creativity in the kitchen, at the canvas, or through the written word.
For the RedBlue Innovators:
  • Break the routine with something entirely new.
  • Advance in a creative project that’s been waiting for you.
  • Dedicate time to brainstorming your next idea, be it personal or business.
For the YellowGreen Planners:
  • Take the lead in planning a future gathering for friends or family, sparking anticipation.
  • Declutter your environment, making physical and mental room for new endeavors.
  • Become an observer of life’s theatre, finding fascination in the social ballet around you, intentionally people watching.

In the maze of life’s demands, remember that replenishing your instinctive energy is not just an act of self-preservation but a celebration of your essence. Your Personalysis profile isn’t just a mirror to your soul; it’s a map to your well-being.


Curious how Personalysis can support you or your team to perform at the highest level? Contact us at info@nwcfo.com for a consultation.

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