New Year’s Resolutions Series #3: Demystifying Time Abundance – From Pressure to Possibility

As we continue our journey through the New Year’s Resolutions series focused on time management, we’ve already explored the critical skills of prioritization and delegation, along with the art of saying “no” at work.

In this third installment, we conclude the series by delving into a concept that might just be the key to fulfilling your resolutions with more vigor and less stress: time abundance.

The Mindset Shift: Abundance vs. Scarcity

Steven Covey, in his transformative work ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ introduced us to a paradigm-shifting concept: the abundance vs. scarcity mindset.

This mindset isn’t just about managing time; it’s about reshaping our entire approach to life and work, turning daily struggles into opportunities for growth.

What Is Time Abundance?

But what exactly is time abundance? Here is the biggest secret: time abundance is not an external event. It’s not about adding more hours to the day, or figuring out how to magically get five, ten, or twenty more things done.

Instead, time abundance is about the quality and effectiveness of the time we have. It’s an internal state where time feels sufficient, allowing us to engage in activities that fulfill us, pursue our passions, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. So, it’s less about managing your time – and more about changing your perspective and experience of time.

So, how do we achieve this seemingly mystical state of time abundance from within?

Demystifying Time Abundance

To demystify time abundance, we need to break down its myths and realities. Here are the most common three:

  Myth 1: Perpetual Busyness Equates to Productivity

The Myth: A prevalent myth is that being constantly busy signifies productivity and success. This belief leads to many to pack their schedules to the brim, equating a hectic lifestyle with efficiency.

The Reality: The truth is, constant busyness often results in inefficiency and burnout. Time abundance advocates for a balanced approach where productivity is harmonized with adequate rest and personal time. It’s about quality, not just quantity, of work. 

  Myth 2: Multitasking Boosts Efficiency

The Myth: Another widespread belief is that multitasking is a hallmark of an effective worker. The ability to handle multiple tasks at once is often praised in our fast-paced world.

The Reality: Research shows that multitasking can decrease productivity and increase stress. Time abundance encourages focused, single-tasking approaches, allowing for deeper concentration and more efficient completion of tasks. This focused approach leads to better quality work and less time wasted on constant context switching.

  Myth 3: There’s a One-Size-Fits-All Formula

The Myth: There is a common notion that time management requires following a universal, rigid formula, focusing primarily on scheduling and organizing tasks.

The Reality: Contrary to this belief, time abundance reveals that effective time management is about aligning tasks with individual goals, values, and energy levels. This approach shifts the perspective from managing time to creating time through intentional choices, resulting in more freedom and empowerment than following any prescription.

What can we learn from this? Time abundance is attainable, but it isn’t a default state. It requires a deliberate shift in mindset and habits. This shift involves moving away from glorifying overpacked schedules and underestimating the power of downtime. Instead, it calls for adopting an intentional, mindful approach to our daily routines. By recognizing that the way we spend our time significantly influences our overall happiness and success, we can start to make more meaningful choices that lead to a sense of abundance in our lives.  

The First Key to Time Abundance: Upgrading Your Energy Sources

Among the essential steps to achieving time abundance is upgrading your energy sources. Many of us fall into the trap of another myth – believing that pressure and deadlines, with their accompanying adrenaline rush, are effective motivators. However, this is often a response to last-minute efforts rather than a true reflection of our best work. Relying on such stress-induced motivators can result in reduced productivity over time, as they create a cycle of high tension and energy depletion that is ultimately unsustainable for consistent, high-quality output.

Caffeine and sugar, commonly used as quick energy fixes, offer another example of suboptimal energy sources. While they provide a temporary boost, they often lead to a crash, irritability, and inconsistent sleep patterns. Even a single cup of coffee can disrupt sleep and leave one feeling less refreshed. It’s not about eliminating these entirely, but recognizing that artificial energy boosts come with a cost.

To truly upgrade your energy, seek cleaner, purer sources, including:
  • Prioritizing restorative sleep over late-night scrolling
  • Choosing nourishing foods, like nutrient-rich veggie shakes, over quick sugar fixes
  • Engaging in activities that bring you joy, whether it’s your work, a hobby, a volunteer project, or learning something new
  • Surrounding yourself with people who exude positive, high-vibration energy rather than drain you – being in the company of such individuals can significantly uplift your own energy levels

Think of it as choosing premium fuel over regular; it’s about maintaining a consistent, high-quality energy level that keeps you effective and balanced, rather than riding the exhausting rollercoaster of highs and lows. This approach not only sustains you but also enhances your mental clarity, emotional resilience and overall effectiveness, contributing to a much more rewarding relationship with time.

Embracing a time abundance mindset and diligently upgrading your energy sources transcends mere time management techniques; they are transformative strategies for a more fulfilled and balanced life. They empower us to approach our New Year’s resolutions not as daunting tasks, but as joyful opportunities for growth and achievement.

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