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Personalysis for Individuals
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Why Use Personalysis

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Hiring and Onboarding

Personalysis empowers hiring decisions because it reveals not only the potential employee’s strengths and gifts, but also the types of activities that energize and drain them. It can help you consider which one of the final candidates is likely to be the best fit for the job, the team and the culture. By showing how a person communicates, learns, builds trust and makes decisions, Personalysis supports new employees to ramp up more quickly, helps identify who is best suited to be their mentor and trainer, and informs hiring managers how to effectively communicate with their new hires.

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Career Planning

Do you want to promote someone and support them through this transition? Are you working with employees to develop their career paths? With Personalysis, you can help your star performers lean into their strengths or tap into skills they don’t use every day.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Personalysis offers a gateway to the diversity of thinking, communication and decision-making styles. Truly understanding and promoting awareness of different styles and needs supports building an inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered to participate and contribute. Personalysis identifies the differences to help executives create a culture that accepts and values diverse skills and approaches.

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Team Building

Just like people, teams have “personality” dominant tendencies and default ways of thinking, communicating and taking action. We facilitate interactive group workshops where participants learn about the Personalysis system, deepen self-awareness and understanding of each other, and practice using Personalysis insights to take their teamwork to the next level.

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All of NWCFO’s custom coaching packages, including one-on-one, group, transformational, executive, leadership, and career coaching, include a Personalysis assessment and debrief. Our certified coaches get to know you and build a personalized plan for you to reach your life or career goals, by helping you expand your self-awareness and facilitating your personal and professional development.

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Improved Communications Skills

Personalysis pinpoints your unique communication style, and reveals how your managers and peers interact with others and approach conversations, meetings and sharing ideas. This knowledge serves as a common ground for negotiating priorities, resolving conflicts, and building stronger relationships inside and outside your organization.

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