Cash Flow Planning / Forecasting

Cash is a Life Force Needed to Sustain a Company

A cash flow forecast is a calculated projection of a company’s future cash availability and financial conditions. During slow periods or rapidly changing marketing conditions, cash i.e. liquidity is critical to keep a business staffed and operating. As they say… cash is king!


  • For start-ups, cash flow forecasting is even more significant. Entrepreneurs often have to juggle paying expenses and when borrow money or find funds to expand. At the early stages of a business, cash management if a crucial daily task.
  • Cash flow planning also helps in circumstances when a business has excess amounts of cash that aren’t invested.
  • Staying on top of vendor agreements is also a way to preserve cash on hand managing volume discounts and asking for more generous payment terms.


  • We can do an analysis of your cash flow cycle to help you manage and forecast your cash balances and financing needs.
  • By analyzing your cash conversion cycle, we can help you develop a plan to improve your cash management.
  • We can deliver a cash forecasting model you can use on an ongoing basis and will alert you to potential shortfalls in advance of a cash crisis.
  • Although we can’t promise 100% accuracy in cash plans, our years of experience in accounting and data analysis will provide strong cash forecasts based on your data inputs.
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