Experienced, Trustworthy, Accountable, and Responsible, Outsourced Financial and Administrative Partners for hire.

We support your business needs, creating sustainability for your company, your people, and the community in which you thrive.

Your success is our business.

Experienced, Trustworthy, Accountable, and Responsible, Outsourced Financial and Administrative Partners for hire.

We support your business needs, creating sustainability for your company, your people, and the community in which you thrive.

Your success is our business.

We have an amazing depth of experience that will help support your interim CFO, Controller, HR, or Systems Implementation business needs. At NWCFO we have the skills and expertise to support your company in achieving your success and contribute to the well-being of your people and the community you serve.

We are here for our clients and not the other way around. We welcome you to engage with us so we can meet you, have a conversation, and assess your needs. We also welcome interested contractors.

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Financial statement preparation, analysis, projections, audit support cash management, tax support, month-end closing and more.

Icon Finance Services
Strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, forecasting, budgeting, exit strategies, banking, financial insights, KPI reports, and more.
Icon Hr Services
Training, retention, recruiting, payroll, benefits, company culture, compliance, manage your workforce, and more.

Icon Personalysis
Powerful tools to help improve collaboration, enhance leadership, hire and develop talent, promote diversity & inclusion, and contribute at the highest level.


All businesses face the challenge of balancing staffing needs, unplanned vacancies, project demands, and budget limitations while still meeting the needs of the daily operations. NWCFO was formed to provide accounting, financial, human resource, and administrative services to companies that have part-time, interim, or special project needs. We provide a wide range of analysis and guidance for companies by acting as an ad-hoc member of their management team without the fixed overhead.

NWCFO assists emerging and mid-market companies to increase cash flow, profitability, sales, and company value. We can help you realize your growth potential and achieve your company goals without the expense of a full time Chief Financial Officer or Controller.

At NWCFO, our benefits far exceed our costs. Composed of seasoned professionals with a clear track record of success, we work collaboratively with companies to provide a high level of value and expertise when and how they need it most. We empower and train a company’s staff to execute systems and processes and then help to interview, hire, and train our replacements. We also work on-site vs. remote or distant consulting. We seek long-lasting, positive relationships and we feel that our record of client success speaks for itself. Our goal is to help companies succeed and through that success help the communities in which you live through the creation of new jobs.

At NWCFO your success is our business.


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Having joined a rapidly growing organization with few processes in place, I found it challenging to effectively communicate with other leaders. I chose leadership coaching to have an independent listener who could provide guidance and offer solutions. I think it is important to use every issue, no matter the sensitivity or seriousness, to ensure that at the end of discussion we become stronger and more united than before.

As a result of the coaching, my change in approach has garnered trust and opened the dialog with the other leaders in the company, created partnerships with them and improved the overall team dynamics -- we now have common goals and a designed communication plan. And subsequently, my ability to meet my goals has gone from a 4 to an 8 (on a scale of 1-10).

Director of Supply Chain Management

Personalysis has been really beneficial for me to understand myself and my team better. Through coaching, I’m gaining confidence in myself as a leader while improving planning and delegation based on everyone’s strengths and skill levels. As a result, I’ve aligned people with responsibilities where they can truly shine. Our newest team member is exceeding my expectations in the role I’ve created for her based on her Personalysis report! The skills I am acquiring from my coach are allowing me to be the best leader I can be.

Accounting Manager

NWCFO’s Personalysis coaches provided some great insight into our personal styles and team dynamics. We learned how to best work with our strengths and look forward to utilizing this knowledge.

Corporate Human Resources Manager

Personalysis team collaboration training was very engaging and informative. At times, it was even entertaining to see how people interact with each other and understand why we get the reactions that are not always intended. As a team, we understand each other better and know when and how to engage at a different level. We now have the tools that will help us grow and adapt to the changes in our work, technology, and the team. We’ve also gained an awareness of how each person operates, what makes them uncomfortable and how to bridge the gap by using the safe language of Personalysis every day. Thank you!

Chief Information Officer

I have had the great pleasure and great fortune to work with NWCFO during my time as Chief Financial Officer of Red Lion Hotel Corporation.  I relied on Julie Shiflett to both provide extensive due diligence support and to provide transitional guidance while I was stepping in as CFO.  Julie always brought a collaborative, consultative approach to our engagement that I found unique among other consultants with whom I have worked.  NWCFO's approach benefited Red Lion as they strived to understand our needs before developing the most efficient value-creating approach. This approach went above and beyond the more common volume-driven approach other consultants deploy.

Gary Kohn
Red Lion Hotels

Personalysis has given me the ability to effectively communicate with everyone in our group. This training is very valuable not only in a professional environment, but in all aspects of life. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Purchasing Manager

What a blessing NWCFO was for us at Fatbeam during our early years of growth. We all know that middle ground as a small but growing company, when you need audited financials, and that important CFO talent to take with you on the road, to raise capital and equity in the company, but your budget just doesn’t support those professional fee’s at that point in time. So, the ability to have a company come in and provide CFO level talent on a contract or part time basis was more than we could have dreamed of.

Greg Green
Fatbeam LLC

Thanks to executive coaching, I have become a more productive, self-aware, and goal-oriented leader. I’ve cultivated a vision for myself that focuses on the impact I want to create with my team in this world. I’ve learned how to prioritize, overcome overwhelm, delegate and create more time in my day, and my team says that I’m much better at listening to their needs. My communication style is now values-based, positive, clear, yet heartfelt. And the best part is that I feel more balanced and healthier as I have learned to give myself the space and time to recharge to enhance productivity and maximize happiness. My relationship building skills are at an all-time high. I’m the best version of myself that I have ever been!

M.D. and Startup Founder

In addition to providing guidance and insight to help organizations establish 'standard practice' financial systems for basic reporting, NWCFO is skilled at developing analytical accounting and reporting systems that will assist the organization in risk assessment for new ventures and produce 'scorecard reporting' that will focus on monitoring progress on goals and delivering management information on the 'vital few' areas of the operation that are essential to maintaining continuous profit improvement and balance sheet strength!

Larry Larison
Larison & Associates

NWCFO’s coaching allowed me to develop self-awareness, clarity, focus, and accountability. The investment was very worthwhile. I can now identify and connect with key stakeholders much better than before.

Director of Learning and Development

NWCFO provided the services and expertise we needed at the right time for the right cost. They delivered a custom solution to fit our needs as well as many additional suggestions and improvement to our financial controls, systems and processes.

Lisa Shaffer, Ph.D.
President & Co-Founder
Signature Genomic Laboratories

Having never taken part in this type of coaching before, I was very apprehensive and uncomfortable in the beginning.  My executive coach's patience and ability to build off of small steps was both encouraging and very helpful as I continued to participate over the coming months.  Her ability to communicate positive change and track my progress by listening to my wins and challenges is second only to her ability of holding me accountable.

If you come to these courses unsure, nervous or apprehensive - you will soon find yourself working to prepare, engage, and welcome the challenges that come with personal growth and accountability.  You will be challenged and shown new ideas and approaches.  If you remain committed and receptive to positive change, you will come away a much improved communicator and listener in both your professional and personal life.

Purchasing Manager

Personalysis not only helped our executive team work together more effectively, it showed us how to leverage our unique differences to become even stronger. Becoming more aware of ourselves and others on the team has increased collaboration and improved overall communication.


I worked with NWCFO in connection with the negotiation and closing of a major corporate sale transaction. Her knowledge of the target's financial condition and her understanding of the transaction process helped facilitate a great deal for the selling shareholders.

Philip J. Carstens
K&L Gates LLP

NWCFO has provided interim CFO services for our company, and helped with full time employee searches. We have benefited from high quality professional CFO work from NWCFO. The focused effort and seamless execution have been a tremendous help and we count NWCFO as an important strategic partner.

Todd Brinkmeyer
President, Owner
Plummer Forest Products

Personalysis group training taught us that differences in people's personalities can cause serious barriers to proper communication, collaboration and teamwork. Knowing the different types makes it easier to give the other person what they need to move forward in a positive way. On a scale of 1-10, our team collaboration improved by 40% after the Personalysis training, which is a great return on our financial investment in the training.

Director of Supply Chain Management

Personalysis is a great tool to better understand myself and my team, and how they communicate and build confidence and trust. Learning who is similar to me and who has a different approach is very helpful so that I know when I need to make adjustments in my communication. This means that I talk in clear and concise bits when working with some of my colleagues, while I take the time to build rapport and discuss the details with others.

Director of Supply Chain Management


At NWCFO, we are looking for talented finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, and administrative executives who can help us partner with clients to build their business through outsourced services. Whether you specialize in one area of finance or run the gamut in terms of specialties, we’d like to hear from you. If the kind of services and work that we provide sounds interesting, intriguing, and energizing to you, we welcome you to reach out.